We differentiate two fundamental parts.

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1st) search companies that we nominaremos as good companies

How to determine that a company is a good company?

1. are the performance of the company sufficiently consistent?

Shareholders capital net income ROE
We will set up at least an ROE above 15.

2. does the company have many debts?
Debt ratio: total capital debts of shareholders

It is interesting that the debt ratio is below 0.5.

3 are profit margins really high? Do the margins increase each year?
Profit margin net sales net income
A high and increasing profit margin is far from ideal, although this level is different in each sector by what should be studied carefully.

4. how long that the company is trading in the stock market?
We believe in investing in long-term, so we need companies with some baggage and to analyze data.
It is at least 10 years of contributions.

5. What book value shows positive growth?

“Rating a company is part art and part science.”
“There is no formula to resolve intrinsic value. It is necessary to know the company where you consider to buy shares.” With these two phrases we already put on notice that there is a magistral formula and do not know the future of nothing.

We look at the next 3 data:
 The proportion of price earnings (PER) (average rating of long-term investors)
 Profit per share (performance that a company achieves for every invested euro)
 expected growth of earnings (potential future growth of the company)

As an example we use Inditex, a company that we catalogaremos as good company.
Inditex S.A. (2010)
Earnings per share Euro 2,00
Average proportion of price earnings (PER) 23.29
Average expected earnings (five years) 12 (per year)

4 steps to start a successful business.

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Every year we see companies fail to then close, while others barely survive their first 3 years and very few achieve being in the market for at least 5 years.
There is no one formula mathematics or a spell that guarantees secure success that will have a business, but it is clear that entrepreneurs and experts in the world of business can advise us with certain key points that we must continue to make our venture to become a company that give fruits and profitable over the years.
These tips help us that our business will not fail, (for the brave only).
1 know what are the reasons to start our business.
Many entrepreneurs dream of starting your business only with the idea of making a fortune and give up against the first obstacle. Many entrepreneurs history claim that began its business not with the motivation to win large sums of money, but the main motor was the passion, the desire of overcoming and wanting to make a difference in the world.
Take a sheet and identify at least 3 reasons, apart from make money by which we want to have their own business and take on the challenges that this entails, after having found the grounds always have in mind go ahead while earnings don’t go quite right.
2 we choose an idea that is simple and practical.
A perfect business ideas do not come to our mind never, most entrepreneurs expect life by having an idea that is successful and free of risks, when actually venture out and risk it. We are looking for a simple idea and a measure that we move can give form to our idea and even extend it to big.
3. we consider a model of the business that is profitable.
After taking the decision and choosing which our favorite idea, need to ask ourselves the model of what we want. It’s time to sit and think what product will you sell?, we will manufacture it or buy it ready?, what public is addressed?, which means we will use to distribute our product and get the customer?, what makes it unique?, and whatever else we can think about how developing our business.
4. we produce a good business plan
This is important to organize our ideas, that Yes we will move from plan to action, a good plan is good if you want to ask for a financial aid to a Bank, it is best to always start from scratch.

Are you an enterprising woman? 8 keys to succeed.

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It is true that there are women entrepreneurs, that to see it implemented a project focus to keep it standing, and have a successful business is not easy. If you want to be an entrepreneur and not die trying, we bring you 10 keys that will surely help you to succeed.
Choose what more you are passionate about
He can do what we like and that we pay for this, gives us a high level of satisfaction that nothing can compare you, don’t see our business as a job but as a pleasure, something that we like and that also makes us earn some money which is not to bad.
Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of others.
Think of how we like to be treated when we went to a local, in which things like find, how we’d like to be treated by the owners, all these things have to think them well to make our business whatever that it may be successful and our future customers feel welcome, that it is something that neither ourselves can resist to try.

Do accounts
We calculate the costs and profits, perhaps at the beginning the numbers are not as high as we imagine it, but we have realistic expectations and perhaps if we win the same thing in our office work is not a bad thing, at the beginning, keep in mind that if the economic gain does not compare with the do something that we like and enjoy it.
Let us look at the competition
The idea is not to copy other business plans, clear that we can enlighten us, but the idea as such is doing something that no one has, to offer something different, for people who like us don’t get what they are looking for.
We must be multifunctional.
To save and economize expenditure, whether we are good or our family is, painting, washing, and installing cables and lights, will save us a good sum of money that can serve us for something else.
We choose a good team
Surround ourselves with hardworking and talented, people who contribute new things every day.
Let us be patient
Patience is a virtue, overnight our business will not be successful, we need time, dedication and great discipline so that we will see long-term results.
Focus on our
Worry about how our business and not the competition.

How to start a business with little money?

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Open and run our own business is a good goal in life, it can help us to keep us and overcome us, for this follow these simple steps.

1. do not give up your current job
The best thing to do is to ensure a source of income that is safe to not have nor with what to eat or pay debts. It is important that once you advance your business you seek a part-time job since this will require your attention and constant dedication. Over time you can work fully in your business. We must be clear that a business will not emerge from one day to another, this takes time so don’t risk the stability that we have to pursue a dream that is not even real.
2 you designed your own business plan
How to win money, is a very important question that should be done early on, if not we can answer it, should we not start our business, so simple. For this we must have a detailed business plan before we venture into the unknown.
We try to answer questions such as how much it cost us our services?, how much to charge?, and and how will offer something better than the competition?
We must analyze the competition, to know that we can do to be better, and products to offer that the competition does not have, since the important thing is to always be better than the competition. He is recommended to have expectations to open a small business that has a margin low profits, this is not negative since the passage of time we have learned and our business anyway grow more every day.
3 Let us study the area and try ideas
Be prepared with a plan is essential to establish the business, we do tests on the product we want to sell, we can do a small sample and let us ask other people opinion, for example if we want to have a local food we cook for our families, and we see that as well accepted it is our food, so get idea of the acceptance that receive public.
It is important to remember that to make a business plan we have to make documents, if the research is not our pleasure we can change the plan without any problem. Fear we do not have to start from scratch, we seek opportunities without spending much money is the best thing that can be done.

How to have an online sales business successfully

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Online sales business is something that has been growing eventually as the years pass we can find on the web a large number of pages that sell all kinds of products. For the entrepreneurs who would like to venture into the world of sales online it is necessary to know all the terms and related to this world which can generate revenue of good nature.
First thing we think about is product we want to sell, if something will be our or sell other products, it is best that we do not need any investment compared to the of a physical business, we can help the freelance which help to start our business.
If we do not know to sell think in something so we can focus on a small clientele, something that is unique and better than the competition, after that must create a domain and choose a name. This task must spend time so that we can see one result higher in the future, the domain must be the name of the brand of our product and striking.
There are a few pages that help us to register a domain like Godaddy, Arsys and Hostgator.
After creating our sales page, we have to wait for someone to make a purchase, but to accelerate the process we should attract public, we can create a blog and spread it through social networks so people will know what it is about our micro-enterprise online. We must remember that our only aim is to make sales, and for this they only have they are the internet, which must make it the most, we can hire a freelance to draft the content of our blog, this will make it much more appealing and captivating.
We must always remember that we can also do advertising campaigns on the network, this will help us position ourselves at the point we want to either search engines or in online marketing, we must not forget the importance of giving to know our product through the use of the FreeLancer.
To make our interesting products on the web must not forget to always place detailed price and features, on page can enable which users label them so well know that they have as well been received by audience and in terms of the negative comments may be competitive, they also help us grow our online sales business.

10 strategies to achieve success in your business

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Among the strategies that we must follow to achieve success in our business the most important is to want to, if we don’t fight for our can not succeed. Here are some that you may be successful.
1 we have good habits
We ourselves are our worst enemy, to succeed we must grow as a person, successful life is a continuous grow, we do different things to acquire the habit of letting the bad habits.
2. focus on our strengths instead of weaknesses
The worst mistake that entrepreneurs comment is wanting to do everything on their own, it is necessary that we deleguemos activities to grow the business, we are not drivers, deleguemos tasks that we are weak and do things that are good.
3 we equalize our lives.
Not everything is working, it is important to take time and dedicate it to ourselves. The best ideas are not born in the office, but during leisure time.
4 Let’s take our relationships
A tasteless business that does not allow us to spend time with friends or family is not healthy, also must remember to spend time with our colleagues and employees to improve relations.
5 we have confidence
You have confidence in itself is necessary to avoid negativism and fear to get to us. The place want that not we can if we don’t have faith.
6 ask for help
We have no fear to be rejected, let us turn to others for help, this is more correct, since there are people willing to help us with their time, dedication, and a word of support.
7 advise us with the right people.
It is essential to surround himself with the right people and avoid negative people, while advisers charge a good amount of money to give training and advice this is money well spent.
8 let’s be persistent
They say there that a mediocre person can have resounding success since they do not abandon what began, and this is absolutely true, we must be determined to succeed, let’s be persistent and we not decaigamos by any difficulty that arises.
9 first and foremost action.
Leave nothing for tomorrow, we implement everything we know every day.
10 live with purpose
A life full of purpose help us to succeed more than anything, the success not only is winning money is to meet goals, achieve self-improvement.

You already started your own business without leaving your home

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There are a lot of entrepreneurial people beyond outside who are looking for an idea of how start your own business without leaving their home, to perform it in their free time or their hours and thus earn some extra cash, just as there are people who are tired of their employment, the monotony of having a job 8 or up to 12 hours where their salary is not expected , or just want to start your own business and be their own bosses. However many times this becomes difficult when we do the conventional way like a restaurant or a bar in the House without having much knowledge in this respect, it is a good idea to start a business online, where we use the internet to promote our business.

The idea of starting a business from home is something that is always in our mind since they are cost effective and require very little investment. Have a business in the comfort of our home is something beneficial since we save a lot of money on rentals or purchase of premises and in turn allows us to fix working hours to make this flexible and productive, and the best thing is that we can spend time with our family, we save a lot of money on transportation We are in place and that it is comfortable and while we will use to travel from one side to another can use it to be productive in the comfort of our home taking care of our business.

If you are a self-starter and want to set up your business at home, you should take advantage of all the benefits that this brings, if for example you have no idea of what you want to sell or develop, you must make a plan where you raise productive business ideas that you are also passionate about can operate as pastries or clothing perhaps, some ideas may develop food You have your own Dance Academy, in-home food service, repair computers, making soaps and candles, have a gym, among many other ideas, just put your imagination.

After having chosen an idea, we should make a list with the possible potential customers, it can begin by relatives and friends, to have our business in the House don’t need lot of investment which is the main advantage.